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Cloud Hosting


T4AS Cloud Hosting start  from $29.99/ month

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you will get in adition:
        • T4AS Manage Your Server Any Where” one month free — saving $18.95
        • no limitation of template, any thing you want can be added.
        • Cloud Backup/Migration free, every 3 months  with your request.
        • Monitoring your server, first month free — saving $4.99
        • Transfer your website, first month free — saving $9.99  
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Cloud hosting is the latest form of hosting that has become extremely popular over the past few years. The main concept of cloud hosting is “Divide Cloud Hostingand Rule” – the resources required for maintaining your website are spread across more than one web server, and are rendered as per need basis.This greatly reduces chances of any downtimes in case of a server malfunction. Another noteworthy aspect is that cloud hosting allows you to manage peak loads easily, without facing any bandwidth issues, since another server can provide the additional resources in such a case. Hence, your website doesn’t rely on just one server, and rather a cluster of servers that work together, termed as “the cloud”.If you’re looking for a real-time example of cloud hosting, what better example can someone give other than Google itself? The king of search engines has got its resources spread over hundreds of servers on the cloud, no wonder you’ve never seen facing any downtimes over past decade or so (I don’t remember seeing it down – planned maintenance of services like AdSense and AdWords are a different affair altogether!) 

How Does it Work?

As explained above, each server in the cloud helps in carrying out a particular set of tasks, and in case of failure of any of the servers in the cloud, other server(s) temporarily kick-in as a back-up to render the required resources. When you compare dedicated servers to cloud hosting, the reliability factor is quite case in the latter case, since you’ve got multiple servers at your disposal as opposed to a single dedicated server that allows you to cope-up with any emergencies without breaking a sweat.However, the pricing varies depending upon your actual usage – in case of heavy usage; cost factor associated with cloud architecture may be slightly higher, though so is its resilience too.When you come to VPS and traditional shared hosting, the cost factor is extremely low is this case quite obviously, but again so is the reliability too. In case of VPS, a single server is divided into multiple chunks, and each portion is managed by a particular user, so the capital investment is reasonably low.VPS is the ideal choice for those who aren’t actually looking out for the reliability aspect of cloud hosting. 
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