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This hosting configuration features upgradable RAM and is recommended for low-to medium-traffic websites, development and email hosting, or it can be used as a general-purpose web server.
Use Cases, 
Web ServerSmall Application ServerDNS ServerDev Server

This customizable server is ideal for medium-traffic websites and robust web applications, or for serving files and photos. You can easily upgrade your RAM and storage to accommodate more robust web applications, eCommerce, rich media streaming and small database apps.Use Cases, Web ServerMulti-Site Web ServerMid-Size Database ServerCluster ServerMid-Size Gaming ServerMid-Size eCommerce ServerFailover or DR Server

This customizable server from Dell is designed for high-traffic websites, including eCommerce environments and application servers. Its flexibility allows you to increase drive capacity or connect to storage area network (SAN) storage or solid state drives (SSDs).
Use Cases, Large Web ServerMulti-Site Web ServerDatabase ServerHigh-End Cluster ServerHigh-Transaction eCommerce ServerLarge Gaming ServerVirtualization Server (for reselling websites)Application Servers

Ultra-performance, highly versatile dedicated server from Dell, with four powerful multi-threaded quad-core Intel Xeon processors.
Use Cases, High-Traffic WebsiteseCommerce EnvironmentsVirtualization PlatformsHigh-Performance DatabasesHigh-Traffic Application Servers